Does any of this sound familiar?


• You think you have your life under control but realize you often use alcohol as a crutch. You have been hesitant to seek addiction counselling for it.

• You have tried managing or quitting drinking but you have always relapsed. Seeing an addiction counsellor has worked for friends, and you believe it can work for you, too.

• You have embarrassed or humiliated yourself or soured a relationship due to the effects of drugs or alcohol, and you want to be able to enjoy time at parties with the company of your loved ones without similar issues.

• You know you spend too much on alcohol or drugs and you want to control your expenses. You have heard addiction counselling can help you live your best life.

• You want to freely enjoy at a party without being afraid of losing control and doing something shameful. You want an addiction counsellor to teach you methods to change your habits for the better.

• You have completely lost your self-esteem and you feel guilty about your unhealthy behaviour. You know addiction counselling can help you develop methods to stop the negative spiral.


If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, let's have a chat today!



Addiction counselling will help you live your best life.

• For the man who can’t stop taking pills, even though he desperately wishes he could, addiction counselling will help you change your negative habits.

• For the woman who’s woken up scared and confused in a hospital bed after a party, with no memory of where she’s been or what she’s taken, as an addiction counsellor I will help you reclaim control.

• For the man who is about to lose everything–work, partner and more–addiction counselling will help you live your best life.

• For the woman who is so worried about what others might think of her, she suffers in silence, addiction counselling will help you assert control.

• For the guilt-laden, the ashamed, and for every person who believes that rock bottom is the next stop on their life journey–it isn’t–as an addiction specialist I can help you live your life to the fullest.

My name is Sophie Solmini.
I am here for you.



  • Dear Sophie, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible help you have given me. Not only you helped me with my addiction to alchohol but you guided me to a new path in life. Now succeeding more and more every day, getting closer and closer to my dreams.
    Thank you kindly
    Arthur, T
  • I met Sophie while on crisis.  I have been sober for a year now.  That's the best recommendation I can give.
    Kevin W
  • We have been dealing with Ms. Sophie Solmini for over a year now and we are pleased to confirm and attest she is one incredible therapist!  She is incredibly perceptive, experienced and resulted oriented.  She is demanding yet understanding and what is truly unique is that is much more practical than theoretical as opposed to others.

    While she is my daughter’s therapist she has helped me tremendously for the benefit of my daughter in many ways.  One of which is having a mother’s peace of mind that Sophie is there for my daughter when she needs her and that she will put her on track and get the job done one way or another.

    I truly did not have a good image of therapists in general, however, Sophie’s approach is different in that she empowers her clients to be independent and take responsibility for themselves and their actions rather than keep dwelling on the past, life’s hardships and their individual shortcomings.

    I would recommend Sophie any time for families who have issues with their young adults and want a healthy family dynamics.

    Sarah B
  • Sophie and I have collaborated in the care of many individuals with substance use disorder. She is a caring, insightful, empathetic and very knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend her services. Dr. Chris Cavacuiti
    Medical Director. TrueNorth Medical Centres
  • Sophie helped bring me back to life.
    I came to Sophie as a binge drinker and marijuana user, having just gotten a DUI. On the surface, I may have seemed OK to most. I was thriving at work, but my personal life was a mess. I have been working with Sophie for almost two years now and I am in a lot of ways a different person, a far more emotionally balanced person.
    One thing Sophie does that is really unique is she doesn't define you by what brings you through her front door, whatever your struggles may be. Instead, she looks for clues in your life that may have contributed to your current state - like a Detective and then activates solutions. When I say she "activates solutions" I don't mean she does it for you. She can't. You have to put in the work yourself and she will put some pressure you to do so.  She doesn't wallow in your past or let you do that either. In fact, a lot of what she notices she doesn't actively bring up with you because doing so just wouldn't be productive.  Rather, she focuses most of your time together looking into the future and focusing on positive changes you can make.


I am confident that my addiction programs will meet your needs.