Substance Abuse Counselling

Sophie Solmini

Substance Abuse & Wellness Coach

Who am I?

I am a wellness coach, who excels at supporting people with substance abuse issues and unhealthy coping behaviors. I help them redefine their relationships with alcohol, drugs, or toxic behaviors. My purpose has always been and still is to guide and support you so that you are free of shame and guilt. I want you to live a life that is fully and authentically you. I help you find your true voice, free of your substance abuse habit and negative self-talk.



A lifetime ago, I, too, had problems and the only way I knew to handle them was by resorting to alcohol. Drinking helped me deal with my symptoms of depression, or so I thought. I thought numbing myself would make all the pain disappear and substance abuse would solve my problems. I was all alone, at home, freshly divorced, and broke but without anyone to talk to about my challenges. I was scared of disclosing my feelings to anyone for fear of being judged or stigmatized or worse–losing custody of my children. I was ashamed that I was unable to cope with my problems. I thought I was a failure and everything I did was wrong. I could not see the light at the tunnel’s end. I wanted help but everything that was ever offered never suited me.

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

- Margaret Thatcher

Later on, I saw the same problems while working at a hospital. I met women with similar issues daily. When I needed to refer them to someone for their substance abuse problems, I realized there wasn’t anywhere for them to go. Programs that already exist are often not suitable for women because of how they are scheduled, the content they cover, or even the vision they are based on.

This is exactly why I developed this unique coaching program that addresses substance abuse and wellness. I bring to women everything that they need to start “conquering” their life. They receive this knowledge through an online program directly into the comfort of their homes. No more wasting time in the traffic after a long day at work or staying away from home when you have young children.


What Is My Experience?

I have worked in a Withdrawal management unit (Detox) at the hospital where I witnessed the effect of detox from alcohol, such as seizures, delirium, tremors, hallucinations, and sometimes even death. I know the dark side of substance abuse from my own professional experience.

I have seen women struggling with painkillers and losing their life just because of the stigma and their fear of talking to someone. I have experience working with women who used cocaine in a recreational way initially and ended up still using it twenty years later, despite severe health consequences. They were not able to stop their consumption of cannabis, Xanax, heroin, etc. and seek help for their substance abuse.

With my extensive experience as a Substance Abuse Professional along with the skills of a Life Coach, I am fully qualified to help you. However, it is not my unique mix of qualification and experience that made me adopt this approach, it was my empathy and my sense of deep understanding that makes me want to help you.

"Do what you have always done and you'll get what you have always got.”

- Sue Knight

I will find creative solutions to every situation. The solution that I do develop will be a uniquely individualized approach for every client. I am deeply caring, have a strong sense of integrity, and a playful sense of humor that is necessary for a fulfilled life. I will make you feel safe, understood, and supported as you take back your life and release your substance abuse habits.

Some personal details that I would want to share with you are: I was born and raised in France. I love traveling and after trotting the globe, I ended up settling in Canada. I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children. I am also a Substance Abuse Professional, a Certified Addiction Counsellor, a Tobacco Addiction Specialist, an Acudetox Specialist, a Certified Life Coach, and last but not the least a chaos expert. Oh, I almost forgot, my dream is to drive a Porsche 911!

I will support you from where you are to where you want to be. I work with women at every stage of recovery. Book a Free Call with me today!

I’m Sophie, and I’m here for you.