You’re ready for support or treatment. You’ve called everywhere for help. You’ve been transferred from one department to the next. Several of these people have promised to call you back. None of them ever did. Ugh!! Trying to understand the system can be incredibly frustrating. That’s where I come in. I find the addiction services help you need, and I do it quickly. Whether you need referrals ASAP or a treatment program to fit your busy lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place!


Do you require addiction services support immediately? Are you an employer, and you’d like to refer an employee to a treatment program? Do you need help right away, but have no idea where to start? This addiction services package is for anyone who requires support immediately.

• We can meet through Skype or in person (Toronto GTA only) to discuss your needs

• I will provide treatment options within 72 hours

• You’ll also receive up to 2 referrals (medicated assisted therapy, inpatient rehab, day program for substance use, psychiatric consultation, etc.)

Do not forget that this only a quick help. If you are unsure about the package or have any questions, set up a no-commitment 15 minute call with us.

Please note that I will offer you weekly support until you are admitted to an addiction services program.


"“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth – not going all the way, and not starting."


"If you want to change you have to be willing to be uncomfortable"

- Unknown

2) Coping Strategies

Do you self-medicate to manage stress or anxiety? Are you overwhelmed with work and family obligations, and you’ve been coping by drinking or smoking too much? Are you stuck in your career, and you’ve lost your motivation? Is substance use taking over your life, and you want to change that? .

If so, this 30-day service was designed for you.

What to expect?

• Call (phone #) or email (email address) to make an appointment with me

• An introductory session will be scheduled to assess your needs

• I’ll help you reach your most important goal within 30 days

• 4 coaching sessions with me

• 1 session with a specialized consultant (Wellness, Addiction, etc.)

• 4 weeks of unlimited email support

• A list of resources and a handouts

If you’d like more information about our Coping Strategies's Program and what we can do for you, contact Sophie Solmini at [email protected] or call 647-545-6751.



During our first session I will determine with clarity what kind of strategies you are using to deal with stress and anxiety. I will then focus on the efficiency of these strategies. You will learn healthier coping mechanisms to dealing with challenging situations. You will receive support from me through face to face meetings but also through email during the time of the program. You will also have an opportunity to use addiction services resources tailored for you, and handouts. You do not have to be alone. There is always a way and I help you find it.

3) Online Continuing Care

Are you in recovery from an addiction? Do you need an affordable Aftercare solution? If so, this online Aftercare group is for YOU!. This is a discreet, monthly, online Aftercare group created to help you maintain your sobriety. If meetings don’t work for you, you’ll love this group! .

This group was designed for anyone in early or late recovery from drugs and/or alcohol, who needs support. The group will focus on helping you survive the stress of daily life, while maintaining your sobriety.

Benefits for members:

• Affordable, discreet, convenient Aftercare

• Members receive much needed support and understanding

• No shame, guilt, or judgement is allowed

• Members pay month-to-month

• It’s easy to maintain anonymity if you wish

• The group leader is a professional addictions counselor

• And much more!

Protecting your anonymity is of utmost importance to us. Nobody will know you are in program for drugs or alcohol! If you’re tired of the isolation of recovery, or if you need support and understanding, come and join us!

Affordable, discreet, convenient Aftercare. Space is limited to only 8 members per group.

If you’d like more information about our exclusive Online Continuing Care Program and what we can do for you, contact Sophie Solmini at [email protected] or call 647-545-6751.


"It only takes one person to change your life: YOU"

- Ruth Casery


I’m Sophie, and my addiction services will help you live your life to the fullest.